Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Masturbation Blog

This weblog is all about my personal love of masturbation. I'm 19, go to college, and sexually inexperienced. Well, I'm a virgin. Yep, I said it. The closest I ever came to sex was giving a blowjob to a guy at a house part last year. Well, anyway, I am very shy in person, the kind of girl you would never notice. I sit alone at lunch, find a quiet room between classes to read a book, and I have zero friends. Total sad case, but I am happy. People at this new college have just not taken the time to get to know me. I'm sure I will get some friends when people make an effort. I open up eventually, but at first I am terminally shy and uncomfortable.

This blog is about my favorite hobby. I love to masturbate. I would prefer sex but, since I'm too shy to get myself laid, and no one seems to want to talk to me and make me come out of my shell, I masturbate a lot. I've developed tons of texhniques over the years and I can get pretty dirty at times.

I was in a chat room a few days ago and was masturbating with another girl (I'm bi) and just writing about it as I was doing it really turned me on. I figured everyone else has a blog these days, so why not me too? I decided mine would be about masturbation. Sometimes I will be masturbating as I write, other times I will be writing about just having done it.

Hope you enjoy and if any nice guys or girls are reading, then contact me *wicked grin*